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The following is a list of abilities in the game Star Trek Armada 3.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

United Federation of Planets

Name Description Ship class
Antimatter Spread Spreads a pyrotechnical display of antimatter around the ship blinding enemy targeting sensors for a short period. Galaxy class
Attack pattern alpha Puts the ship on an aggressive attack footing, increasing damage and manoeuvrability for a short time. Galaxy class
Battle Refit This upgrades refits the Akira-class to have a faster phaser fire rate to compensate for its lack of coverage Akira class
Colonize Standard colonization ability Ambassador class
Emergency launch protocol This emergency measure allows the vessel to deploy fighter craft at a significantly increased rate for a period. Sovereign class
Engineering Teams Sends out teams to repair friendly vessels in a radius around the ship. Phoenix class
Enhanced Atmospheric Sensors Increases planetary bombardment damage, due to enhanced targeting abilities. Nebula class
Enhanced flow regulators Increases the antimatter regeneration rate and reduces ability cooldown Phoenix class
Extend Shields Extends the shield grid around a group of vessels sharing all taken damage. Phoenix class
Fleet coordination The ship coordinates fleet maneuvers increasing their weapon range and their chance to hit Sovereign class
Gemini Effect Creates temporal copys of a targeted frigate or cruiser for a limited time. Nebula class
Hangar Bay Extension Extends the hangar bays abroad the vessel, allowing a greater number of fighters to be deployed. Sovereign class
Heavy Photon torpedoes Gives the torpedoes area damage for a short time doing damage to surrounding ships Akira class
Long Range Scan Scans a distant gravity well with long range sensors, revealing everything in the well for a short period of time. Ambassador class
Photon Torpedo Spread Fires a volley of photon torpedoes at multiple targets Galaxy class
Point Defense System Defense systems on the ship activate, shooting down enemy ordinance, reducing damage. Nebula class
Remodulate Shield Re modulates the vessels shields, rebuilding some of the shield power for a time. Ambassador class
Shared Warp Field Extends a low level warp field around the ship. The ship itself, and any others in the range of the field gain a speed boost temporarily. Ambassador class
Shield Disruptor Fires a beam at the target that disrupts the shields for a short time allowing weapons to damage the hull directly Nebula class
Tachyon Beam Fires a tachyon beam that drains the targets shields. Galaxy class
Target Antimatter Fires a torpedo at the enemies antimatter storage, detonating it and disabling abilities for a short time Phoenix class
Target Weapon Arrays The ship directly targets the enemy vessel's weapon arrays, reducing their weapon damage for a time. Sovereign class

Klingon Empire

Romulan Star Empire

Name Description Ship class
Gravitic Shockwave Generates a shockwave that damages nearby enemy ships' hull and temporarily disable their target systems. D'deridex class